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Inserti e Rimandi

The house is in an ancient building in the historic centre of a seaside resort, therefore, the restoration project of some parts of the home aims to put a modern while respecting tradition of city centres through the use of natural materials and furnishings that create games of references and inserts.
The kitchen, made to measure, with a contemporary character and thanks to the golden finishes and the blue color, in addition to warming the environment, it aligns itself with the existing context.
The same blue color of the kitchen is the one chosen for the table (custom designed) which, framed by the vaulted ceiling and the classic flooring, fills the dining room. The lighting is designed not only to meet technical needs but also to create a play of light and shadow inside the room, thus making it warmer and more welcoming.
Along the same lines, the living room and bathroom have also been renovated.
The living room wall, made with a natural hemp-based mortar, is enhanced by the cross lighting upwards and downwards along the entire wall.
If blue is the main color of the design idea, the continuous surface of the parquet, finished with a particular micro resin, makes the living room and the bathroom unique. The bathroom is characterized by the ceramic tiles that recalls the tradition and the inclusion of contemporary elements such as lighting in the shower and the sink; this is what allows you to have continuity between past and future.