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The lobby design was incorporates a cultural solution to seating arrangement, whilst still maintaining the international standards in design. The armchairs and sofas were used to create an intimate, yet grand, seating setting, that resembles that of a majlis. The decorative partition adds a level of privacy yet allows the space to remain grand.

This lobby design relies on natural materials and luxury furniture. Wood and brass complement each other very nicely.

The hotel suite is the epitome of luxury, with the green accent wall cladding, and sliding decorative screens. The colors of the fabrics are extremely subtle, making them an elegant addition to this space. The two armchairs are from BB Italia.

The hotel room design combines sophistication and simplicity all in one. We used tonal textures to create some interest in the space. In addition, the variety of textures introduces a richness, embodied in contemporary design. The bed is by Minotti, whilst the armchair and bench are from Armani Casa.