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The splendid location of the historic Villa del Grumello, overlooking Lake Como, was transformed for one evening into a place of lights and meetings that sealed a new major project of Home Italia in China.

Thanks to the collaboration with the architect Stefano Rotesi of Studio Aeon in Florence, a partnership has been established that will see the construction of four large villas in Shenyang, one of the most dynamic cities in Northern China, in the coming months.

Patient relations led Stefano Rotesi and Luca Valle, CEO of Home Italia, to enter into a partnership at the end of September with 1918 Villa Decoration, a brand of the Fanglin Group, an important company in the field of construction and production of home furnishings in China.

Mr. Wang, CEO of Fanglin, who spoke personally at the evening of Villa del Grumello with part of his management, recalled in his speech how this project is part of a broader strategy that aims to combine knowledge and skills of two of the world’s richest countries in history, art and business skills.

Accompanied by Luca Valle and the architect Rotesi, Mr. Wang then met all the exhibitors who, taking advantage of the occasion, contributed to transforming the historic halls of the villa into a large and fascinating living environment, where the Chinese delegation was able to verify the quality and potential of the partner companies of the Club di Home Italia.

Great satisfaction was expressed by the owners of the companies present (Turri, Cantori, Thermarble, Luxury Living Group, Daytona, Cipriani, Natuzzi, La Contessina, Eurolampart, Sahrai) for the opportunity to meet directly with such an important reality and especially to be able to present, in a relaxed environment, their production.

The evening was, however, according to the proven formula of the events signed Home Italia, also a time of celebration and exchanges between all members of the Club (companies, architects, journalists, press offices, media managers) sealed by interviews with Giorgio Tartaro.

Now for Aeon Studio, Home Italia and the companies involved in the operation (the four villas are in fact only the vanguard of a much more ambitious project) the most delicate and exciting moment begins. In a few months, in fact, two mock-ups will be built already designed to be habitable and two villas that will have the purpose of making known more freely the great potential of Made in Italy which Home Italia is promoter and guarantor in the world.