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Exception to the rule

Intervew by Olga Vologdina | Photos by Dmitrij Lavshiza

A group of architects led by Tatiana Mironova has designed the refined and elegant Deco-style interiors of this monumental country house made of cedar wood from Altaj Krai, a Siberian federal district.

Tatiana Mironova, the author of the project says:

“Over the years I have often seen wooden houses decorated with traditional furnishings and rustic kitchens. To take inspiration from Alpine-style chalets in the arrangement of Russian isbas (typical one or two-floor rural dwellings entirely built with wooden planks and logs) is quite understandable: it is the first thing that comes to mind. In my opinion it should be the opposite: wooden houses represent an excellent opportunity to make experiments and break the mold in order to create something new and much more interesting. In this case the natural roughness of timber logs on the one hand contrasts with the sober and elegant furniture, on the other reduces the sense of gravity making the atmosphere more relaxed”.

Above, from the left: the author of the project, architect Tatiana Mironova with collaborators Ivan Mironov and Roman Gorbunov of Architectural Bureau Tatiana Mironova

Do your customers already have an idea of the interiors they want?

Our regular customers are normally the house-owners. We always try to surprise and excite them, each time offering something new and creative: in most cases they fully rely on our taste and expertise, giving us a comlete creative freedom, as they say, carte blanche. I personally believe that customers should not interfere, except in special and specific requests, so that we can carry out a fully customised project to a very detailed level.

The interior design is inspired by Art Deco, the popular movement known in Italy as Floral Style or Art Nouveau. Why this choice? Why not rather take inspiration from Provence or Alpine chalets?

We had a lot of sapce available, due to the impressive dimensions of the Siberian cedar logs, ranging in diameter from 40 to 80 cm and with a length up to 18 m. Art Deco is a monumental style characterised by large and regular forms. Customers love it for the fineness of detail and the graceful forms. I wanted not to fall into simple folklore and hid the natural texture of the logs. The polished wood finish seems almost lacquered and this gives it an elegant appearance. Also, the log joints can be left exposed, thus increasing the bulkiness of the room in which they are laid.


All the rooms have a unique leitmotiv. Where did you get the inspiration from?

I like the fact that all the rooms have a common thread: this expresses a unified artistic conception.
For the realization of this house I have put in place a series of measures: first of all, a color scheme based on similarities and combinations of shades. The base color is woody and gray with shades that in every room take on a different connotation: the living room becomes withered greenish; in the living, billiard and dining room it prevails a lilac colour that tends to dark brown mixed with bronze.
Second of all, all the furnishings have been chosen from the collections of a single company, Promemria, which stands out for the refined and fashionable design, the velvet upholstery and the solid monumental forms.
Other elements, such as the chandeliers and the fireplace, have been specifically designed for this house in cooperation with local artists. Upon our request, artist Aleksandr Zhernoklyuev has produced some paintings according to the style of the furniture.