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Balanced between Renaissance and modernity, this historic apartment has been completely renovated favouring the desire of a young sport talent (of which we will not reveal the identity) who, after living in various cities, has decided to put his roots in Florence.

We are inside Palazzo Foresi, a fifteenth century building overlooking Piazza Strozzi.

Architect Filippo Cei has devoted himself to the project with great enthusiasm, succeeding in creating contemporary spaces able to expertly communicate with the rigorous style of Renaissance. The balance with the past has been achieved through a proportionate distribution system, fluid and rational similar to that of a loft.

To realize his vision, the architect has designed the space in all its nuances, using warm and natural materials with finishes of material effect, adding details in “minimal” style to the collection of works of art of the owner. Nothing is left to chance: next to a selection of design products, numerous pieces of furniture were designed specifically by the designer.

Aesthetic harmony and spatial dynamism even characterize the sleeping area, where the clean lines of the bathroom and of the dressing room, completely custom made, highlight objects of art and pure design furnishings. The stone pedestal washbasin and the gas fireplace are by Antonio Lupi, the sauna cabin by Effegibi, the upholstered leather bed by Baxter, the shower system by Gessi, whereas the slate tiling is by Artesia.

A strong project with a metropolitan character, able to exploit the context combining the existing with the needs of the customers through a refined and respectful style, where every detail has been made with fine tailoring care.