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“CHI” is that which gives life. In Buddhism, it means energy, vitality, life force. This concept is found in most of the ancient cultures of the world and is central to their forms of medicine and healing.

Loft Buro has managed to transfer its deep essence in the ‘reincarnation’ of former Decadence club in the heart of Kiev.

 is an Indochinese restaurant, a nightclub and a lively venue for private parties. In fact, this place is known as the “Temple of Music” and stands on the slopes of the Pechersk hills overlooking the majestic Dnieper river.

The floor area covers 2000 sqm and is divided into three zones: an entrance corridor showcasing some replica statues of Chinese “Terracotta Army” (which have become the ‘business card’ of the project), a kitchen (professional equipment by Electrolux and Zanussi), plant and technical room and finally the main hall including bar, restaurant, dancing floor and a large terrace with a terrific view over the city park.

The design concept is a combination of colonial architecture with cultural heritage of Latin America and Indochina. At times it recalls Frank Lloyd Wright’s interior design style. The studio likes to call it “Colonial Loft”. The most used materials are concrete (cast in hundred different shapes), metal, wood, glass.

The interiors are decorated with handmade stone cladding featuring Indian tribes’ geometric patterns, sculptures, furnishings with oriental textures (fabrics by Italvelluti).

Light plays a very important role in creating a unique atmosphere. Three round chandeliers (3-meter diameter each made of Venetian crystals) and several geometric hanging lamps by Expolight give life to spectacular lighting shows creating an infinite number of scenarios via individually addressable controllers. In 2017, the CHI project won an Award of Merit at the IES Illumination Awards for its originality in lighting design.

From day to night furniture is constantly changed. Comfortable dining zones are transformed to one-side-looking sitting areas (to the DJ); dining tables become lower coffee tables thanks to a special system designed by Loft Buro.