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Casa SN

When minimalism meets the Baroque

A box for living in the surroundings of the baroque city of Noto, in Sicily.
A refined interior design has been completed by Salvatore Spataro a local architect now based in Florence which involved the functional redistribution of the villa. An operation that has made space more fluid, contemporary. Free to accept elements and details of synergistic collaboration between architect, client and local artisans. Few objects, but of great impact.
The heart of the entire project is the living area: a bright open space, a white space, enriched by the large opening onto the garden, where minimalism meets industrial aesthetics. Not only chromatically, the neutrality of the finishes is declined in the cold tones of optical white and graphite gray, in contrast with the bright green of the vegetation. But also materially, thanks to the combination of textured coatings, fair faced co ncrete elements and smooth, almost reflective surfaces.
Here, a long wall in white lacquered mdf is decorated with a geometric pattern, creating a continuum between the dining and living areas. The large island kitchen, on the other hand, looks like a pure, compact volume that communicates with the space in a decisive manner, therefore a graphic sign, accentuated by the scenic suspended lighting that dominates it. On the second level, a studio, in which the bookcase has been designed to measure with the int ent of recreating a microenvironment of relaxation, surrounded by the warmth of books and design accessories (including a Lambretta!). A box in the box. At the last level, finally, the sleeping area and the walk in closet, made of walnut wood with LEDs int egrated into the shelves and containers.
A house that has been completely renovated in a contemporary way, with particular attention to details and the taste of the client, in perfect balance between minimalis m and baroque flavor, a tribute to their land and tradition.