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On the occasion of LAMBRATE FALL EDITION 2016, HOME Italia has encountered architect Simone Micheli at the envent “BEYOND THE EDGE: Simone Micheli emotional projects + The Bar – Tehran | Tirana | Corum | Milan” organised at the Simone Micheli Studio Gallery in Milan.

A virtual and interactive exhibition aimed at illustrating the main characteristics and features of the latest architect’s projects.

Starting from Terhan (Iran), across Tirana (Albania), Corum (Turkey) and back again to Milan with a focus on “The Bar”, a project aimed at upgrading the district Ventura-Lambrate, Simone Micheli highlighted the thread that drives experimentation and philosophical design typical of his accomplishments.

Brilliant video installations and projections made the studio-gallery a charming and magical location able to captivate the viewers and to get them into the heart of contemporary avant-garde visions of the architect. The aim of the exhibition was indeed to engage all attendees in order to get them temporarily involved within the progressive thoughts of the designer.