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Beijing Vanke Metropolis No.79 – Super player

Beijing, China

Beijing Vanke Metropolis 79 is located in North 4th Ring Road, adjacent to the Bird’s Nest. Renovated from buildings already existed, it’s another Beijing Vanke’s urban renewal project after Vanke Times. The interior design is simplistic but advanced. Curved lines run through the space, presenting smooth visual experience. Soft leather and eye-catching metal are widely used, showing the perfect combination of these high-grade items. Besides, French windows extend the original granite on the exterior wall, which provide an open view to the outside and integrate interiors and urban landscape within a frame.

“Super Player”, as a deluxe apartment project, breaks through the long-term solidified concept of “luxury”. We boldly experimented with a modular “X-space” design: the units in the apartment can be changed, disassembled, reorganized and even expanded according to needs of the dwellers.

The exhibition area at the entrance presents an art gallery that fully demonstrates the bold “playfulness”. This space discards the functional expression and uses art to highlight the “metropolitan” feature and “player” personality of the project.

The bathroom and kitchen module at the middle connect the exhibition area and living room. In addition, this central module can be extended northward to form a layout for one or two bedrooms.

The main bathroom linking the suite and exhibition area is also a changeable connection module. The location of the suite, exhibition area and living room can be switched and adjusted accordingly, making the circulation of the entire apartment variable.

Master suite is enlightened by Karl Lagerfeld, which aims to present a living space for an independent legendary character. We can see vivid references to this theme from Chanel dolls and furnishings on the wall cabinet and a small Karl Lagerfeld sculpture on the desk. Nevertheless, in addition to the respect to Karl Lagerfeld, “gender neutrality”, a more profound and label free design connotation is presented in this space as well. The utilization of genderless color black and white, an Italian dining table (not a feminine nor a masculine desk) serves as the axis of the side of the living space… All elements in design carry our liberal attitude, which is the prerequisite for the manifestation of players’ personalities.

Fact Sheet

Project name: Beijing Vanke Metropolis 79 • Super Player

Location:Beijing, China

Project area: 274m²

Completed time: September 10th, 2018

Leading Designer: T.K.Chu, Xin Yuan 

Design Team: Songtao Li, Shuai Du, Zidong Zhang, Yingjie Li, Zi Wang, Siqi Kang, Zihao Wu 

Project Manager: Xiaodong Zhu 

Main materials: Terras Black Stone Ariston Marble

Photographer: Wang Ting