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Beihu Grand Hotel – Nanchong

Nanchong’s best luxury hotel is ready to open its doors.

It has been an extremely challenging design project for ‘MP lifestyle’: its planning lasted for just a couple of weeks and in order to meet the tight deadline, most of the work has been done directly on site with lots of sudden changes and absolutely no room for miscalculations.

In less than seven months, here is the final result: a mixture of design style combining Chinese classic elements, Italian modern soft-decor, the Roaring 20’s American speakeasy details as well as private English clubs atmosphere.

This hotel has been welcoming Chinese governative authorities for more than two decades and now it has been upgraded as best luxury hotel in Nanchong, the third biggest city in Sichuan Province, with 7 million people. Now, after this renovation, it will see new light in the local Chinese political panorama.

Thanks to the success and uniqueness of this project, MP Lifestyle has been commissioned the complete renovation of the neighboring building, previously designated as Li Keqiang (current Chinese Prime Minister) official ministerial bureau for a couple of years. We will create a set of luxury suites and hotel apartments exclusively reserved for the highest-rank representatives of the Chinese government.