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Alexandrine Lukach of Intemporary Design Studio redesigned a flat in the historic centre of Kiev that, upon customer’s request, had to look like a country house.

“A family with a child mostly living abroad had purchased this apartment of 198 sqm in the centre of Kiev”, explains Alexandrine Lukach“As a result of the complete reconstruction and re-planning of the apartment, including replacement and reinforcement of the floors, dismantling of all partitions, strengthening and expansion of all openings, addition of balconies, installation of a new facade and roof to the loggia, reconstruction of the roof of the neighboring building – the area of the apartment increased to 288 square meters, and a long-awaited terrace appeared”.

The interiors of the apartment, designed by Intemporary Design Studio, recall the same atmosphere of an old country house.

“While decorating the interiors, the main wishes of the customers were taken into account to reflect the atmosphere of an old country house filled with antiques and collectibles, to bring the spirit of oriental colonialism into the apartment, while organically implementing an ultramodern kitchen, sauna, private cinema, smart-home technology and intelligent light, with a lot of light scenarios, as well as fill the space with modern art-objects to counterbalance and ‘refresh’ the environment”, concludes Alexandrine Lukach.

During the implementation of the project, most of the furniture, including soft, all wooden stitches, cabinets, stone products and even carpets were produced according to the individual request of the Ukrainian studio.