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784 “sculpture armchair” one may read all those elements that characterise Carlo Colombo’s method for working and designing: great knowledge and care in the use of material coupled with the utmost visual interpretation. Thus is born an oeuvre that is powerful but captivating, which invites and welcomes us. An object that is beautiful and perfect in its knowledgeable care for details, a precise expression of Italian knowhow. The oblique and vertical forces of the golden pipes designing the armchair’s form appear to establish a strange synchrony with the musical chords of our body, to bring us into an unknown dimension- In this sense Carlo Colombo’s work, beyond referring to the throne of light, appears to be a plane that is transparent to itself, drawing nutrition from the imaginary scale of memory, myth, poetry. It is from such a place, from such crossing of spaces that the sense leading to that which we designate as a work of art takes shape. 784 Work in aluminium produced in 9 copies, numbered and signed by the author 83,5 x 83,5 x h 65 cm 784