Cantori – MONDRIAN ART FORM table

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Dining table with round or oval top.

Materials and finishes:

Polished glass top available in clear or smoked bronze colours.
The base is made of steel rods welded together one by one. Entirely hand drawn, bent and polished.
Decoration, patination and gold-leaf work are entirely handcrafted. Gold or black nickel electroplated finish.


Dia. 140 cm – H. 75,5 cm (round)
Dia. 160 cm – H. 75,5 cm (round)
W. 170 cm – D. 100 cm – H. 74,5 cm (oval)
W. 200 cm – D. 120 cm – H. 74,5 cm (oval)
W. 220 cm – D. 140 cm – H. 74,5 cm (oval)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]