If we had to describe Laura Gonzalez’s touch, one could say that she design spaces with a symbolic and strong identity. Never locked into a style, and always inspired by several historical references, Laura transpose her personality, always keeping in mind the spirit and soul of the place. Born in Paris, Laura grew up in Cannes and then became a boarder at La Maison d’Education de la legion d’honneur until she graduates. Since her childhood, she has a strong interest in Art, Sculpture, photography and paintings, following her parents to auctions, fairs and exhibitions. She finally choose architecture and study at Paris Malaquais National School. Discovering, learning and developing her experience through school projects. While she is still in 4th grade Laura Gonzalez build her agency “Pravda Arkitect” in 2004. She is only 26 years old when she is awarded for the renovation of the Bus Palladium, project that will launch her carrier. To secure her growing success, the young interior designer gets quickly a professional team of artisans with a strong knowledge, mixing her inspirations. Cabinetmakers, upholsters, and other painting artists with whom she is creating ornement. Over the years and projects, Laura Gonzalez gets experience and maturity in either interior design and the choice of her projects.

“creativity is a permanent exercise of imagination … I explore all sources of inspiration in foreign countries and cultures, especially in ITALY”


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