Poltrona Frau

An international brand name representing design, elegance and perfection of Italian-made products.

Founded in 1912, Poltrona Frau has given over a century of life and culture to leather, the brand’s chosen material. Poltrona Frau is a leader in top-end Made in Italy furniture and an ambassador of Italian excellence around the world.

Research has been part of the brand’s DNA since the outset. The drive to invent new forms, construction solutions and styles has led to the creation of timeless pieces which express a universal yet intimate and personal elegance: from the Chester and Vanity Fair, designed by founderRenzo Frau, to Dezza by Gio Ponti and Titanio, a project by Pierluigi Cerri and winner of the company’s first Compasso d’Oro award, and finally to recent successes such as the collections by Jean-Marie MassaudRoberto LazzeroniNeri&Hu and GamFratesi.


Via Manzoni 30  –  20121 Milan  –  ITALY
Ph. +39 02 97070076
elorenzon@poltronafrau.it (press office)