POLTRONA FRAU 100 years of the 1919 model

The 1919 Poltrona Frau model was created by Renzo Frau exactly a century ago and it was born to fulfill the wishes of a wealthy client. In fact, it was designed for Filberto Ludovico di Savoia, Duke of Pistoia. This armchair has become an icon of the company in Tolentino, despite its genesis “on commission”.

The 1919 Armchair is an enveloping armchair, characterized by a capitonné working used on the backrest and a cover in precious leather. Its main peculiarity is the possibility of adding a side-arm lectern, which surmounts the armrest and supports an ashtray – requested by the Duke because he is an avid cigar smoker – eventually replaceable with a glass holder. A special edition of the 1919 Armchair was created, on the occasion of the centennial of its creation. The restyling of the long seller was made by Poltrona Frau Style and Design Center in collaboration with Roberto Lazzeroni. The newly created armchair is called “2019 Armchair” and it presents slightly different proportions and dimensions from the original while maintaining its unique characteristics.


1-2 2019 Armchair

3 Making of 1919 Armchair

4-5 2019 Armchair

6 1919 Armchair and 2019 Armchair in comparison


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