Welcome to HOME Italia

Pierattelli Architetture, the latest team of professionals to join the HOME Italia club, has a “family” and successful history. The studio was founded in the ’80s in Florence by Massimo Pierattelli, today supported by his sons Andrea and Claudio and a team of about 20 people; initially focused on the design of corporate headquarters and bank offices, today Pierattelli Architetture also deals with hospitality, residential projects and has approached the world of product design. The studio reinterprets the past and re-imagines the future, because “Every architecture is conceived as a sartorial gesture, modelled not only around the client, but also around the context in which it is placed”. The studio’s projects combine functionality and aesthetics, flexibility and innovation; among the most important and recent realizations, the Kortimed business center in Valencia and M7Contemporary Apartments in Florence.

From Pierattelli Architetture they said: “We are happy to join the HOME Italia network and have the opportunity to promote Made in Italy worldwide, together with some of the best companies in the market. Networking and working in synergy is definitely the best way to achieve important goals and enhance the work of professionals and brands”.