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Philipp Selva is the premium brand of Selva Group, the Italian company worldwide known with regards to the luxury furniture field. A real benchmark on the market, as well in Italy as abroad, for nearly 50 years Selva has been realizing design furniture pieces processed in artisanal way and entirely Made in Italy.

Latest aim of the company has been the “custom made”, which referrers to the ability to design and realize bespoke projects, satisfying specific aesthetic and functional requests, and taking care of every single detail. The versatility of Philipp Selva lies in both the retail field and in the contract industry.

Thanks to this custom-tailoring positioning, the customer and the designer express their personality in the furniture, while the company puts into practice its technical and creative know-how, gained during many years of experience and research for exclusive solutions.

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Via Joseph Selva 307  –  37050 Isola Rizza (VR)  –  ITALY
Ph. +39 045 6999111

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