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25 Luglio 2022



Florentine brand Patrizia Garganti enters the HOME Italia circuit. Founded in 1976, the company has grown in a few years from a craft workshop to a more structured reality, making its debut in the luxury furniture market. In 2010 the two partners split up and the company continued its path of growth with the name Patrizia Garganti – which has always been a guide and designer – beginning to move the taste toward a more contemporary style, while still remaining faithful to the company’s strengths such as craftsmanship, attention to detail, continuous research of new techniques and processing and tailor-made creations. At this stage began some collaborations with famous external architects, such as Roberto Lazzeroni, and they continue to this day bringing great added value to the company.

Firmly believing that each single project has its own identity, customization becomes a crucial point. This is precisely why PG always puts the customer at the center of its work, following each proposal from the very first sketches and creating custom solutions according to specific requests even offering products outside our catalogs. The in-house team of experienced designers works constantly to accompany special proposals with technical drawings, 3D models and renderings, providing continuous support at every stage of design. They explain from the company:” We work mainly on medium/large scale residential projects but over the years we have also developed considerable experience in the hospitality sector. Recently our contacts have introduced us to the world of shipbuilding where we have already finalized a fair number of yacht lighting projects.” Most of the production processes are carried out in-house by the hands of skilled craftsmen, which makes the process of customizing the product easier, which can range from a small variation in scale or finish, to a completely made-to-order project. 

On joining the club Patrizia Garganti says: “We came to know about HOME Italia thanks to the advice of a colleague in the furniture sector already part of the club. After an initial cognitive contact, it seemed to us an interesting reality, with a high-level product offer very much in line with our company. The hope is to increasingly expand our network of professional collaborators, increase brand awareness and build loyalty to as many customers as possible, aware of our ability and expertise in satisfying even the most difficult design requests”.