DD Italy was established in 2013 in Treviso. The company operates in exporting Italian furniture enhancing the handcraft of the small companies and offering the possibility to approach, with confidence, the global market.

The company is formed of a group of professionals who operate in Italy and abroad. The company offers its abilities and competence to Italian manufacturers, in  order to guide them in the complex labyrinth of the International commerce.

Filippo Rocco, the co-founder of the company and the director of Asian market, says: “Our goal is to help  in building a solid basis for the companies wishing to expand their horizons outside Italy; we assist our Customers step by step in the opening new markets with the goal to minimize the risks and costs and achieve real results.”

How was the Furn-IT event born?

The event comes from the collaboration with Kevin Chu, a designer from Hong Kong, founder of CoC Design, expert and lover of Italian furniture. The basic concept consists in offering originality and innovative ideas; Hong Kong, due to its centrality on the Asian market, is a dynamic market, an International hub able to recognize these advanced products.”

What novelties were there presented?

“Overturning the quote of Le Courbusier that form follows function, I am sure”, explains Kevin Chu, “that the aesthetics should be the main aspect of Design.
Starting form this concept, we have chosen 3 companies for the originality of their products: AZIMUT RESINE that combines resin and wood, HARRIER DESIGN with its combinations of metal, marble and precious fabrics and RONDA DESIGN, that has patented Magnetika, a new system for living. Thus, we took into consideration pure raw materials with a particular attention to the new technological concepts”.

Let’s start from Azimut, from resin and wood…

Azimut is a manufacturer that mixes such materials like resin and wood in order to produce a series of unique tables and support surfaces. The surfaces mix the resin’s transparency with the naturalness of the wood forming a unique and exclusive weave, a result of the multiannual experimentations and studied compositions. In this way, solutions with pebble and leaves inserted in the transparency of the resin, make possible combinations that bring out the mancraftship of the Azimut’s concept.
A feather in the Azimut’s cap is a production made of  the oak obtained from the venetian “bricole”, wharf posts used for centuries to indicate the marine passage in lagoon. During their life in the salty water, these wharf posts are carved by an unusual artist, a marine worm teredo navalis that creates unique compositions on the wooden surface. The tables from the collection “Your Venice”  keep and safeguard a piece of the Venetian republic’s history in its resin.

Please explain the union between metal and marble promoted by Harrier Design…

When we visited their studio just few weeks before the event, they introduced us to their latest creations: the  Slope_P table, with metal structure enriched with a marble surface and the matching Si-Ju chair also made of metal, but with leather and hand painted fabric seats. The company is run by two Italian architects and distinguishes for its pure and essential models.
We were immediately amazed at the attention for details and the perfect balance between the aesthetics and the functionality, as well as the knowledge of the raw materials, its treatment and a determined dedication in discovering new solutions.

Now we would like to know more about patented Magnetika…

Ronda Design studies the magnetism bringing it actively in our homes.  Now we have a possibility to personalize our home and satisfy our evolving needs and tastes, eliminating the concept of the static nature and allowing easy different placement of the shelves.

Sounds like a new concept… how does it work?

The system of magnets integrated into the shelving patented only by Ronda Design, allows the easy and quick translocation at any moment without any tool. As the result, we will be able to adapt our spaces to the widely different needs and our new aesthetic sense.

Kevin Chu concludes: “These companies offer something unique that other designs lack; they have a style that doesn’t follow the trends of the last years, yet fully represents the Italian handcrafting abilities. We wanted to pay tribute to the singularity of the execution. In fact, the three companies offer a design that goes beyond the mere furnishing function and tends towards art.
Considering the positive success of the past event, we hope to repeat it in this 2016 in order to present other products and Italian companies that are unique and original in all the Asiatic area.”


Kevin Chu



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