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Optical design 2019-12-23
On December 14, 2019,the advanced class is held in “W” hotel in Suzhou. This event is hosted by GXS,and co-organized by TK.HOME, JZ CASA, Design YRD. “Home italia” is as main media to report it.

This time, there are four famous designers are invited: T.K Chu,Jianming Song Maurizio Lai and Danny Cheng. They have in-depth communication with students in and out of the classroom, teaching and solving problems; More interacted with each other through various forms such as group work, and achieved a rare friendship among classmates.

Optical Design · Intensive Class

-Course review-

Course: 1

Speaker: Jianming Song “Color and space narrative”

Jianming Song

  • Deputy director, professor and doctoral supervisor of
    Academic Committee of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts
  • Chief science communication expert of national color science
    of Chinese Association of science and technology
  • Deputy director of Graphic Design Art Committee of Chinese
    Artists Association
  • Honorary vice president of Chinese pop color association
  • Honorary member of the environmental color design research
    group (SG ECD) of the international color Society (AIC)
  • Design director of Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Organizing

Words: scientific research shows that people do not have the ability to accurately remember colors, we must use auxiliary tools to achieve, such as moncserl color stereo. When the system of color world is constructed in your heart, we can counterpoint color and space design.

In this context, color is the resource and carrier, space is the carrier and type, and narrative is the expression and communication. This constructs a new system, in which noumenon and carrier, culture and civilization, spirit and material, abstraction and spirit, art and life are separated and intertwined. In the “color” of artistic state, lightness, brilliance, color and modeling can all be used as “narrative clues” of different Spaces, thus integrating into the “color” of life state. Then, we can compare the tonality change at the technical level with the tonality change at the artistic level, and further find the spiritual manifestation. On this basis, space should be considered as a narrative system to be designed to adapt to appropriate forms and forms, and to use relevant technologies to make it have a cultural and aesthetic sense, so as to make these expressions docking with your party a’s demands. At the same time, the goal is to immerse the audience in your narrative and open up new perspectives for them.

Course: 02

Maurizio Lai  “Interior and light”

  • He graduated from the Venice school of architecture and the
    polytechnic university of milan
  • RBDA UK and international best lighting awards
  • Nominated for the ArchMarathon award for best commercial
  • And was shortlisted for the 2018 best Interior practice award
  • His works are widely published in prestigious architectural
    and design magazines

In terms of living space alone, we also want to determine the overall design logic for different customers and uses of the space, such as private house, model house, commercial house design logic is very different, including the lighting design. I’ll start by dividing the functional areas and setting the moving lines, then think about the colors of the ceiling and floor, and then think about how the light interacts with other objects.

Interior designers need to adjust and improve the lighting of existing buildings, especially taking advantage of natural light, and then set up artificial light according to personal experience. Then comes the hard stuff. Lighting design is not discrete; it interacts with other parts of the space and with people.

Visually, the decorative role of lighting in commercial space is more prominent than the lighting function, because it is intended to attract consumers. I will make use of various materials such as glass and metal to interact with the light according to different brands and product characteristics. Meanwhile, I will learn about the problems related to technical balance, such as the noise of glass reflection and so on. LED lighting brightness is constant, but with the help of reflector, Angle and other adjustments will have different effects, these need to be more groping accumulation.


Course : 3

Danny Cheng “Deconstruct minimalism”


Danny Cheng

  • Founder of Danny Cheng Interiors Ltd
  • Representative of Hong Kong’s minimalism and high-end
    interior design
  • Won the Asia Pacific interior design award for three years
  • Won the golden ring iC@ward global interior design award,
    including more than 100 awards in domestic and abroad.
  • The first designer from Hong Kong of Denmark’s top luxury
    brand B&O
  • Published design works: “Danny Cheng’s interior design”,
    “One to ten”, “the existence of design”, etc


I hope the space is not just stunning at first sight, but has a long-term aesthetic value in the quiet. Design is to use their own hands to draw their favorite things, with the best way to do the best expression. So the first thing is to think big, and then do it in a variety of ways, so that even the simplest things can work.

Founder of Danny Cheng Interiors Ltd. 丨 Representative of Hong Kong’s minimalism and high-endinterior design 丨 Has won the “Asia-Pacific Interior Design Award” for three consecutive years 丨Hundreds of domestic and international awards including the Golden Ring iC @ ward Global InteriorDesign Award 丨B & O, the top Danish luxury brand, is the first Hong Kong brand designer in China 丨Published design works “Homework: Zheng Bingkun Interior Design”, “One to Ten”, “The Existence ofDesign”, etc.

I like to use architectural techniques to do interior design, with the help of structure, size proportion, art installation to create a functional, unified, simple and focused space atmosphere. Contracted not force simple, it is yourself to appreciate above all, have a kind of aesthetic direction of cognition, want to be based on the premise that satisfies a function next. The realization of the function is not contradictory to the simplicity of the vision, because it can be
hidden. In addition to achieving visual de-complexity through hiding, I also achieve ideal minimalism based on spatial characteristics. For example, when the transverse width is limited, you can raise the longitudinal height to increase the sense of spaciousness; The installation art is composed of several repeated simple shapes. With the help of installation art to form a sense of spatial hierarchy; Flexible use of walls and doors to increase the interaction of space and so on.

Course: 4

T.K Chu “In-depth analysis of Suzhou Design Casa”

T.K Chu

Founder of T.K Chu Design studio , T.K Home/ Honorar y President of GXS / Chinese Des ign Leader in 2018 / Forbes China’ s mos t influential designer/ Robb Report ,the best per son of the year / Hurun Report, the mos t influential Chinese des igner. Thi s time,T.K Chu imparts his year s of design experience to each student, and gives each student the projec t of thi s case as a plane as signment to the student in advance, and gi ves
each student’ s wor k in the class room to rev iew and modify one by one.

T.K Chu said: the bui lding was ver y modern eight year s ago, but the original interior design is no longer suitable for the current lifes ty le. The core sys tem on the fir s t floor, inc luding the gues t restaurant, elevator and stairs , lac ks interaction and fluency, and the lighting is also problematic . So I moved the elevator that was original l y located in the lobby to the stair s that were original l y located behind, and lowered the stair s to the door to max imi ze the use of space. Never break, never stand, sometimes bold techniques wi l l create wonderful. In addition to the complete expres s ion of the verti cal mov ing line, I also del iberated on the interior and external interac tion. After the plane transformation, I designed a relati vely complete theme of “Book atmosphere” according to the geographi cal and cultural conditions of the projec t. Thi s is also highl y cons is tent with the spatial form: multiple slopes in the stack , multiple dimens ions of space and rhy thm are linked together, from the sun stair s to the li ving room stair s, into a continuous corridor li ke the path in Jiangnan garden. The whole bui lding then has a kind of Jiangnan garden li ke mood: push the door and enter, what you see is the other side of the world.

Course: 5

Design Talk

Host: Yoyo
Guest: T.K Chu; Danny Cheng


Two Masters to discuss about should designers have their own labels first , then graduallyinvolve more fields or should they keep their own labels,highlight personal identification, and then continue to develop in this respect?

Course: 6

Comments on each student’s work

Teachers: T.K Chu Danny Cheng, Maurizio Lai

The representatives of the students took the stage to share in turn, and got professional comments and suggestions from T.K Chu, Danny Cheng and Maurizio Lai, which benefited all the students.

-GXS.Global students’ Association-

On the evening of December 15, the global students’ meeting of GXS was officially launched.

Honorary president T.K Chu delivers a speech for the dinner

GXS has always been committed to creating a comprehensive advanced platform for young designers around the world. The launch of this student union is also for the purpose of innovation, to form a better interactive closed-loop between designers and students, students and mentors, to achieve growth through sharing exchanges, to gather Chinese design strength, and to share industry resources.

YoYo said: GXS will promote more outstanding designers with the Home italia, and present more awards to help designers better build their own brands.

Graduation ceremony

On Dec.16th, the class is finished. Tutors T.K Chu and Maurizio Lai awarded the diplomas to the students.

– Activities –