Located on the fifth floor of a building, this project by Perusko Architecs aims to create a “luxury noir flavor”.

The design developed is dedicated to people who like to live immersed in the contrasts of refined materials. Inside the existing spaces, covering about 180 sqm, every detail has been designed and redefined everywhere in order to recreate special atmospheres.

RE_apt-01-1 diego perusko architects

Photos by Otello Annigoni.

Mahogany, stone, stainless steel, crystal, skins and leather are balanced with each other and light permeates every environment. Amongst the various themed areas, the central living space connects to the “cigar room”, the suites with en-suite bathrooms and the kitchen box. All environments are cleverly divided and filtered by sliding glass doors.

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RE_apt-cigar_room-1-683x1024 diego perusko architects

Photos by Otello Annigoni

RE_apt-dining_area-1-672x1024 diego perusko architects
RE_apt-en_suite-1-683x1024 diego perusko architects
RE_apt-kitchen-1-683x1024 diego perusko architects
RE_apt-living-1-683x1024 diego perusko architects

The furniture includes a selection of designer items by such brands as Foscarini, I Guzzini, Vistosi, Flos, B&O audio e video, Fantini, Agape, Bisazza, Elica, Dada, Jesse and Vitra. Everything else (wainscoting, stained glass doors, etc.) was designed by Perusko Architects.

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