The tropical according to ROBERTO CAVALLI HOME

It is a real urban jungle that proposed by Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors for the latest Tropical Glam collection.

The classic shades of beige and grey are the background for bright brushstrokes of vitamin cedar green, animal prints, sculptural details in metal and foliage patterns that bring all the joy of tropical style in your home. The brand reconfirms its eclectic and unpredictable style, combining the natural world with references to the ’70s, such as cushions in painted leather and Plexiglas furniture with coloured or smoky finish.

The distinctive element of the MAUI furniture series is the gilded metal structure, which recalls the leaves of monstera, a climbing plant of Latin America.

Sculptural metalwork also characterises the SIORAF series, armchairs and tables with a contemporary appeal, in which the base is made up of a precious asymmetrical grid created with hand-chiselled and gold-plated brass castings.

The bright TAHITI chaise longue is ideal for relaxing with its comfortable and ergonomic seat combined with a practical marble top.

Finally, the icing on the cake of the Tropical Glam collection is the two-sided ACAPULCO bookcase, which alternates closed compartments with leather-covered doors with open compartments covered in Dakota silk with banana leaf patterns.