The new Myfair Collection by DL DECOR

Since the mid-twentieth century, DL DECOR produces traditional classic furniture trying to maintain continuity with the past and local traditions in producing handmade pieces.

The mastery of inlay, engraving and gold or silver leaf finishing can be seen today in a new line of furniture that, without forgetting history, looks ahead to the future with elegant but simple lines.

Dining Room Mayfair Collection.

The Mayfair Collection designed by Marco Corti for DL DECOR can be described as the blending of two principles:  ‘Contemporary Design meets Luxury Craftsmanship’. Marco Corti worked closely with DL DECOR to create a collection comprised of key furniture pieces, giving continuity to the brand.

Armchair Mayfair Collection.

Dining Table Mayfair Collection.

Key pieces for the living room, dining room and bedroom with an emphasis on brand’s impeccable craftsmanship techniques and timeless luxurious materials: Makassar wood, gold leaf and mother of pearl detailing as well as unique specific upholstery to create a contemporary, yet sophisticated collection.