Live timber, live natural

RIVA 1920

Building furniture that defy time whilst respecting nature.

For almost 100 years this has been the core mindset that has guided and motivated every daily action, defining outlines of a productive reality that is made of traditions, creativity, innovation and culture. The love for nature and the research of high-quality standards of life are what defines a company where craftsmanship combines with technology, where design enhances ideas and where a careful attention to details gives birth to something special, unique and timeless.

It all began in 1920 in Cantù, in the heart of Brianza, inside a family-run small artisan shop, specialised in the production of solid wood furniture. As of now, the company is run by brothers Maurizio, Davide and Anna Riva who have followed their father’s and grandfather’s steps.

The products of Riva 1920 collection are made of solid wood that comes from reforestation areas, where seven trees are planted for every one that gets abated, using extracts such as maple, cherry-tree, oak and walnut. A distinctive trait of the company is the employment of recycled wood such as Millennial Kauri from New Zealand, Briccole from Venice and the scented cedar tree from Lebanon; not to be forgotten, wood is a renewable resource but not unlimited.

The material quality research can be found in every step of the production chain, from metallic bases to hardware, from hides to dry goods. The employment of vinyl glue as well as oil and plant-based wax finishing represent warranty of a product that is 100% natural.

Thanks to the collaboration with influent designers and architects of international reputation, the company promotes important projects that connect all the realities of wood to business, arts, architecture and design and they move social awareness, sustainability and environmental care.