HOME Italia network continues to grow

HOME Italia has always collaborated with architects and companies in order to spread the Made in Italy culture globally.

We are glad to announce that our network has expanded by opening doors to interesting London-based architectural firms who with us share the desire to create something beautiful and the passion for high quality design.

Alessia Mainardi was born and raised in Milan, but she chose to live and work in London, carrying out tailor-made interior design projects for her clients, blending Italian design with vintage nuances. Her unique style is appreciated worldwide, her strengths are the attention to details and the global vision of the project, clear in her mind from the beginning.
A mansion in Notting Hill, one of her most interesting projects, will be presented in number 14 of Home Italia Magazine.

Living and working abroad made me appreciate the products of Italian manufacturing more and more. Our handcraft quality and history has no comparisons. When I have the opportunity to go back home, I love getting lost at the workshops around the Brianza area, and it is unbelievable how many small and big precious things come out of those warehouses which are unappealing if seen from the outside. I have met the director Luca Valle and collaborating with Home Italia for me is important as it lets Italian products be known in England and, in general, abroad. The masthead style matches mine perfectly: products of excellence and Made in Italy are a winning combination.

Alessia Mainardi

KSR Architects is a London firm specialized in residential projects. Its large work portfolio demonstrates the great designing capacity of the team, traditionally committed in the creation of residential apartment buildings, private houses and high-end mixed use developments. KSR Architects has completed projects in China, in the Caribbean and Europe; it has developed many projects in Russia over the last ten years.

All of the information an architect would like to receive about news and updates related to Italian design are professionally exposed and collected in Home Italia Magazine, a mix of people with common interests, design, elegance and comfort in architecture. Always up-to-date, it is present in the most important events and contains a list of prestigious international fairs regarding architecture and furniture. Browsing its pages enhances and satisfies the interest for the latest Made in Italy trends, it shares comments on prestigious houses, the new lifestyle that changes every year with the sophisticated demand for comfort linked to furniture. Home Italia Magazine, as director Luca Valle has well defined, is not only a magazine, but an exclusive club that unifies all design experts and lovers of Italian furniture, which is renown worldwide. As professional architects, every time we read Home Italia Magazine we feel as if we re part of a club, along with other colleagues searching for the best in our field.

KSR Architects

THDP – The Hickson Design Partnership was founded in London in 2004 by Nicholas Hickson e Manuela Mannino, partners in both business and life. Their great harmony influences all of their interior design works; the firm is specialized in hospitality and high quality residential projects. In number 14 of Home Italia Magazine a hotellerie project by THDP, a “big shot” of the rich Milanese hospitality overview will be presented.

Specialised in hospitality design, RPW Design is highly appreciated for its great attention to details, pragmatism and ability to focus on clients’ desires. Ariane Steinbeck is the Managing Director and fully involved in all the practice’s activities, working closely with the different design teams on ongoing projects and new proposals. In Home Italia 14, there will be a hotel of Abu Dhabi by RPW, a real gem that cannot be missed.

Our raison d’être is to create the right canvas which brings to life the magic that great hospitality operations deliver to their guests every day. These two aspects need to work together, and when they do, that’s when you get that special experience and memory of a place.

Ariane Steinbeck

We are glad to start a collaboration with the architect Stefania Rinaldi, a professional with a an extremely varied and interesting résumé. Stefania’s vision has been shaped by her life and work experience in some of the most vibrant and creative cities of the world. During her studies at the university of Venice, Stefania published some articles and essays for established international magazines, she collaborated with her father – the designer Gastone Rinaldi – and had a significant educational experience in New York. After graduating, Stefania went back to the Big Apple to collaborate with different international firms and, finally, she founded the Studio Rinaldi in 1998, with its headquarters in the British capital.

Home Italia tightened its relations with AR Design Studio, based in Winchester. Established over a decade ago, director Andy Ramus has created a talented, young and exciting hub of contemporary architects. Initially designing small bespoke extensions and furniture, the studio has become a multi award-winner. AR Design Studio’s projects – among which the farmer house that will be presented in detail in the upcoming release of Home Italia Magazine- are inspired by the client and the context, and distinguished by a clean, contemporary and eco-friendly approach.

Founded in 2011 by architect Thomas Griem, TG-Studio is a residential specialist, focused on adding value to residential developments worldwide. Located in central London, the studio presently employs 8 architects, all with an interior design focus. TG-Studio expertly understands the intricate ways in which architecture and interiors integrate.

The Archer Humphryes Architects is to add amongst the new “friends” of Home Italia. Established in 2002, Archer Humphryes Architects are world renown experts for intelligent thinking in the work of architecture and interior design, urban planning and landscape spaces, furniture and identity and, sea and air projects. From their studio in Clerkenwell, London they have completed more than £200 million worth of niche projects, notably including the Chiltern Firehouse and London’s highly anticipated Peninsula Hotel in 2021 where their reputation is second to none. If you are curious to get to know the details of one of their best projects, you should not miss the upcoming release of Home Italia Magazine.

We believe that nice interior spaces are driven by the history of the design and product design, that’s the reason why we always keep an eye on one of the most dynamic countries in these fields such as Italy. Home Italia gives us the opportunity to connect all of us, architects,
designers and companies in a single network that seems to be the right recipe to succeed.

Julie Ann Humphryes & David Archer

Last but not least, Home Italia is extremely delighted to open its club doors to Foster + Partners. The firm is led by the international starchitect Sir Norman Foster, who does not need any presentation. Foster is one of the most influent professionals worldwide, whose works have been able to redefine the identity of the place in which they are situated. His résumé is rich of masterpieces, such as the dome of the Reichstag in Berlin, the Millenium Bridge and skyscraper nicknamed The Gherkin in London, the glass roof of the British Museum and the Hearst Tower in New York. Home Italia is preparing an article related to one of Foster + Partners’ new creations in the heart of the Principality of Monaco.

We invite you to explore the profiles of all the professionals and deepen their interesting biographies.