High-altitude architecture

A post-modern sanctuary, a trace of man in the lush nature. Fiore di Pietra restaurant on the top of Monte Generoso is the last project signed by architect Mario Botta.

Built at 1700 meters high in Canton Ticino, Fiore di Pietra is located at the end of the cog railroad that, since 1890, connects Lake Lugano with the mountaintop.

Design sketch of Fiore di Pietra.

Fiore di Pietra, the new panoramic restaurant on the top of Mount Generoso.

The extraordinary building consists of an octagonal plan with “petals” arranged on the sides; these towers, which widen on the lower part and gently close on the top, give the appearance of a bud. The solid reinforced concrete structure and the austere gray stone finish give the impression of a solid and elegant edifice, a pure volume that stands out sharply between the crests of the Alps.

Self service restaurant inside Fiore di Pietra.

Inside Fiore di Pietra you can find a museum dedicated to its construction (with sketches and design drawings by Botta) and the history of Monte Generoso. The technical rooms are located on the first floor, while on the second floor there is a large conference room which can host up to 100 people. The third level is occupied by the panoramic restaurant, furnished with Laleggera chairs by Alias.

The fourth and last floor is a casual self service and has a large terrace that opens outwards. Here the chairs are Bigframe, always produced by Alias.

Panoramic restaurant inside Fiore di Pietra.