FORNACE BRIONI’s Garden of Delights

Fornace Brioni produces terracotta floors and walls. But with a twist.

The processing of this material, still shaped entirely by hand, has remained unchanged but, under the creative direction of Cristina Celestino, the company is exploring its infinite potential by creating new and unconventional products.

Detail of Rocaille tiles by Fornace Brioni.

Among the new creations, the Giardino delle Delizie collection stands out, inspired by the caves and nymphaea of the Renaissance gardens, magical corners destined to delight guests. These places, born around 1500 in the Italian gardens, were decorated with shapes and surfaces that imitated natural concretions or organic elements.

Three different coverings belong to the Giardino delle Delizie collection.

The most unusual is certainly the Rocaille mosaic, composed of small concave shell-shaped panels made of earth-coloured paste.
The Delizie tiles have geometric shapes and bright colors. They can be installed in different sequences and configurations to create ever new decors.
The Nymphaeum tiles differ in their worked surface. Inspired by that of ashlar but characterized by regular, neat and precise holes.