The sober contemporaneity of DM Mobili

Founded in 1970 as a family business, DM Mobili has become an international reality of the high-quality furnishing market.

The second generation of the Del Prete family has followed the path started 50 years ago, producing furniture that emphasises the innumerable creative possibilities of wood, which originate from a deep collaboration between designers’ and craftsmen’s workmanship.
The latest DM Mobili collection proposes two different product lines.

Impronte bed by DM Mobili.

Armonia Collection exhibits a versatile and contemporary style furnishing whose shapes, simple just to appearances, hide details and decorations that are realized with extreme care.

Secondly, Impronte Collection is entirely dedicated to the night area, where beds and all of the complements fulfil any possible taste and lifestyle. Since DM Mobili is able to realize ad-hoc solutions for hotels, private houses and offices, an entire section of the collection is dedicated to some tailor-made solutions. Each of them is a customized product, Made in Italy 100% guaranteed.

Armonia Collection by DM Mobili.