Claudio Silvestrin for HOME Italia

Photo © Aldo Castoldi

In the ongoing search for interesting interior projects, HOME Italia has met architect Claudio Silvestrin.

Despite his prominent position in the world of architecture, Silvestrin prefers to keep a low profile, avoiding ostentation unlike most at the apex of their career. The same can be said of his works that are characterised by serene and meditative sobriety, rather than grandeur and pomp. Claudio defines his architecture as “contemplative for our inner self; an architecture of the soul more than anything else.”

Silvestrin was born in 1954. He studied under the guidance of A.G. Fronzoni and, later, at the Architectural Association in London. His interest in philosophy, his vision, integrity, clarity of thought, ingenuity and attention to detail are reflected in his unique style: austere, but not extreme. Contemporary, yet timeless. Serene, but not ascetic. Strong, but not overpowering. Elegant, but not ostentatious. Simple, but not soulless.

Claudio Silvestrin has a long experience as an educator. In 2013, appointed as Walton Critic, he held a cycle of seminars for the Catholic University of America in Washington DC.

He has the gift of a broad vision, including both overview and detail. He never delegates the creative process: his artistic supervision is total. He’s not a simple creative: he’s the kind of creative that gives birth to spaces and objects that create in turn. He prefers difference to uniformity, quality to quantity, few well-done projects instead of many. He is not into business or public relations. In his work he cares, advises, designs, teaches, inspires. Claudio Silvestrin’s magical touch is essential to his clients.

In the next issue, HOME Italia Magazine will present a villa designed by Claudio Silvestrin in Hampstead, a registered heritage site in the northwest of London. Stay tuned!