Top apartment in NYC

The Cast Iron District is one of the most particular zones of New York.

Manhattan looks after itself of a little part of Lower, between SoHo, TriBeCa and Little Italy characterised by the presence of dozens of buildings since XIX century, characterised at fronts with important decorums in cast iron. This metal league was to the time a structural material cheap, then it was used at length to embellish the fronts of the new residential palaces. The historical constructions of the Cast Iron District are subjected to guardianship tie 1973, therefore each intervention must respect the salient architectural characters it.

The exteriors of the Cast Iron House in New York.

It has kept the beauty of the building unchanged to 67 of Franklin Street the project of requalification signed by Shigeru Ban. The palace, rebaptized Cast Iron House, is today one of the most exclusive habitations of the zone.

The fronts have been protected, but the interiors have been completely revised to give space to 11 duplex flats of different measurements, all with living at double height. “We liken the architectural concept for Cast Iron House to ship in to bottle,” said Ban. “The original cast iron facade is the bottle , while the newly built-out modern interior, which has been completely reimagined, is the ship “.

Shigeru Ban has also signed the 2 penthouse that find space in a new structure added to the Cast Iron House. It is about a pavilion to two plans, with completely glazed external walls that open on a wide private terrace.

Cast Iron House: views of the living room at the first floor.

The complex is undoubtedly of the highest level and he understands also common spaces in the basement: between these a gym, a dance studio, some game rooms, a spa with sauna and a Turkish bath.

Cast Iron House: media room at the first floor.

Cast Iron House: master bedroom at the second floor.