BESPOKE Collection

by Antonio Lupi – design Carlo Colombo

Essential, versatile and elegant, bourgeois yet contemporary. A collection thought for the bathroom but that can easily redefine the living area. Technological and important details, functional and aesthetical elements that define a style. From the fronts to the surfaces and from the handles to the hinges each component of the project is designed to create unique details and a perfect balance of the composition. All of this is Bespoke, a furniture system which brings a message of elegance in the bathroom as well as a project that conveys to space and to those who experience taste for beauty.

Brushed aluminum frames in a bronze or titanium finish; containers in prized essences; fronts in 4 mm satin, bronze, clear or mirrored fumè glass; surfaces in Quarzomood, the new material created by antoniolupi; or in wood. Each material is expressed in its essence and each texture adds value to the composition.
A plurality of materials that speak the same language refined combinations that establish a virtuous dialogue between all surfaces. 
Cabinets, sink units, hanging cabinets that can reach a height of 210 cm.
A modular and versatile system

URNAMOOD SINK – design Carlo Colombo

A perfect half sphere, clear and precise in its form, statutory and sculptural in its presence. 
Urna rests gently with absolute geometry triggers an almost ancestral relationship with the rest of the composition of which becomes the fulcrum and generating element.
It attracts the attention on itself focusing the forces present in space from which it gains strength to guard the primordial element.

Design:  Carlo Colombo
Diameter: 50 cm h. 23.5
Made of Flumood

DAFNE – design Daniel Debiasi, Federico Sandri

DAFNE design Daniel Debiasi, Federico Sandri The exclusive and elegant simplicity of lines combined with the compactness of the product give Dafne a unique and incomparable appeal within the panorama of bathtubs.

The comfort of the bath is given by the raised edge on the one hand that easily accommodates theshoulders while the curved lines of the basin are like a warm and reassuring embrace inviting you to dedicate a long moment of relaxation.

Design: Daniel Debiasi, Federico Sandri
Sizes: 1700×700 cm