IDL Export joins the club of HOME Italia

“The choice to belong to the club of HOME Italia demonstrates our willingness to emphasize the importance of synergy between the now few Italian companies that can boast the exclusivity of the true and unique product Made in Italy. With these words IDL announces the collaboration with HOME Italia, officially becoming part of our exclusive club. IDL is a company that deals with interior lighting, founded in 1987 on the initiative of members Lino Feltrin and Antonio Piva. The constant search for new ideas, combined with the experimentation of new materials, are the basis on which IDL, a craft company that sells its products around the world, working closely with interior design studios, lighting stores and individuals who want something special for their environments. The artistic direction initially entrusted to Antonio Piva and Cristian Feltrin – Lino’s son – has always been attentive to the latest trends and demands of a constantly evolving market. Since 2012, after the sudden death of the founding partner Antonio Piva, Cristian has become the only designer of the company. All IDL lamps are rigorously handcrafted in Italy; thanks to this approach the company is able to satisfy special requests, with custom made products for lighting projects that require special solutions. Today at the helm of IDL are Manuel and Chiara, Antonio Piva’s sons, together with Cristian, Michela and Elisa, Lino Feltrin’s sons: the second generation has not forgotten the foundations on which the parents’ project was founded and carries on the brand with care, commitment and respect.