New look for “La Rinascente” in Turin

The restyling of the third floor and the new Design Supermarket of “La Rinascente” in Turin, the famous department store in Via Lagrange are designed by Fabio Fantolino.

The Design Supermarket is located on level – 1. The format of this space replicated that of Milan by proposing to the public a wide range of home accessories, small furnishings, textiles, travel, and office accessories. This offer is accompanied by a Food Market that offers the excellence of Piedmontese cuisine. For this space, Fantolino took inspiration from the most innovative shops of the 60s, a period in which – in conjunction with the economic boom – the supermarket concept had arrived in Italy. The shelves rhythm space, characterized by a grit floor with a retro tone; to these vintage finishes the architect has chosen to combine other details with a more contemporary style, such as colored glass and micro-performed sheet metal.

The third floor houses the proposals of the women’s collection – contemporary ready to wear and the shoe area. It is a large room of over 1.000 square meters to which Fantolino has been able to “give order” so that each brand has its own corner. Simple low displays house the accessories, while the clothes hang on easily repositionable straps. Space is marked by reinforced concrete and glass blocks dividers, a material through which Fantolino once again declares his passion for the architecture of the second half of the twentieth century. It is chosen because is semi-transparent and therefore allows the eye to wander beyond. The dressing rooms are of great interest and are designed as discreet and elegant rooms, small corners of privacy where customers can think about their purchase calmly.