Vulcangas – Società Italiana Gas Liquidi s.p.a., leader in Italy in the clean energy distribution, has recently renovated its head offices a few miles from Rimini.

Studio Simonetti has carried out the design, construction supervision and refurbishment for the Vulcangas head offices near Rimini. So Massimo Simonetti commented:

“The respect for the atmosphere is one of the original values of this company, whose head offices have today a new location. Once we received the assignment to plan the new structure, we have chosen to project according to the disciplines of the bio architecture, the architecture of the sustainability. The construction in bio architecture allows to reduce the impact on the atmosphere.”

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“Every cubic metre of concrete replaced by wood is equivalent to a ton less of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as if 100 vehicles were removed from the streets. Dry construction has, moreover, contributed to diminish the times and costs of building, which will be ulteriorly contained for all the life-cycle of the edifice thanks to the easy reuse of every single component. In the respect of the customer’s mission, our architectural project of the interiors and exteriors has been focused on the realization of a building able to combine ecological ethics with the design choices, so that natural materials have become the main protagonists.”

studio-simonetti-progetto-ufficio-vulcangas-7-1-1024x678 studio simonetti srl
studio-simonetti-progetto-ufficio-vulcangas-8-1-1024x678 studio simonetti srl
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studio-simonetti-progetto-ufficio-vulcangas-10-1-1024x678 studio simonetti srl

“Ceramic slabs with marble and stone textures were used for the indoor and outdoor paving. Fir glulam for the perimeter and internal bearing walls, floors, woodwork in the hallways and doors. Glass for the floor-to-ceiling windows and the balustrade of the bespoke internal staircase. A backlit staircase with glazed stoneware steps dominates the environment as a monolith and connects the entrance hall with the presidential offices and meeting rooms. All rooms are furnished with earth-toned materials and paints, embellished by customised furnishings, artistic photos and artworks that interact with the design so as to cap off our project.”

studio-simonetti-progetto-ufficio-vulcangas-11-1-1024x678 studio simonetti srl
studio-simonetti-progetto-ufficio-vulcangas-12-1-1024x678 studio simonetti srl
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