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The Museum of Italian Design Part I was opened to the public last April and represents the first phase of a project strongly desired by Stefano Boeri, president of Triennale Milano. After 11 editions of an innovative concept, based on one-year thematic exhibitions, the Italian Design Museum now has a permanent form in the curved gallery on the ground floor of the Palace of Art.

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For the moment the exhibition includes about 200 objects that tell the story of thirty years of radical experimentation in which new materials, new techniques, and new aesthetic codes have revolutionized the established order in the domestic sphere and society. The selection, organized chronologically from 1946 to 1981, presents one of the periods of greatest influence of Italian design and designers in the world: the period between the years of the immediate post-war period and the economic miracle until the early 1980s. 

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The exhibition aims to give maximum emphasis to the works and provides insights into the history and context in which each object was designed, through the display of mostly previously unpublished materials from the Triennale Archives: photographs, advertising campaigns, original packaging. The subsequent expansion will include new spaces, which will host the Triennale design collection in its entirety and in which the archives will be reorganized, for a total of 6.000 square meters of surface. “Before being a place of custody and preservation of the historical memory of Italian design”, says Joseph Grima, artistic director of the Museum of Italian Design “the ambition of the museum is to be a place of inspiration, according to the most ancient sense of the word museum. The vehicle of the most intense and formative inspirations are often not inanimate objects, but the voices of the people who created them and the narrations of apparently banal details, which have determined choices of fundamental importance for the history of design. Therefore, we decided to include in the path some voices of the authors who created the exhibits, who were asked to tell in simply and directly the genesis of their creations and the cultural conditions to which each object responded”.

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