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3 Dicembre 2021



The latest addiction to Mobilpiù Luxury catalogue is the Diamond Collection, a complete range of furniture and hupholstered items that confirms the brand ability to furnishing living and dining areas, together with bedrooms, in a complete way. The line presents itself with a large number of configurations and details that together create an authentic, welcoming atmosphere, full of charm and glamour.

The Diamond Collection pays attention to every details. In the living room the TV frame is embellished by a bronze mirros shows off between the showcases and low cabinet. The LED light can be activated throug a particular presence sensor. The lacquered wooden feet covered with fabric or leather can be supplied instead of the plinth, on request.

Also sofas and armchair of the line are designed with attention to aestethics and functionality. Their beauty and quality allow them to match with any contemporary living. The elements offer an high seating comfort and are characterized by a great attention to the material, sophisticated upholstery and quality finishes are expertly combined with sparkling details, as an expression of Italian manufacturing tradition.

For the bedroom, Diamond Collection create suggesting and fashinating atmosphere. Design, tradition and new technologies are blended together, creating a true magis of shapes and colour dedicated to the night zone.