Welcome to HOME Italia

A new entry for HOME Italia club: we are happy to report that Mobilpiù Luxury is now with us! Mobilpiù was founded in 1966 by Italo Vagnini; now his son, Giacomo, has started a new adventure with the brand Mobilpiù Luxury. With the same passion, creativity of his family, from the heart of the furniture district of Pesaro, Giacomo directs a team of expert professionals, designers, architects and master craftsmen to produce the wide and prestigious range of high quality furniture. One of the strongest point of the company is the possibility to have tailor-made solutions: from conception to accurate assembly, the customer is assisted and followed in all his aesthetic and functional needs, ensuring a real “turnkey” project. All the furniture are characterized by the great attention to every single detail, able to give refined elegance to every environment. Precious woods, rich fabrics embellished with haute couture embroidery, refined combinations, fine finishes, details studied with the utmost attention to aesthetics and functionality, 100% Made in Italy.

Giacomo Vagnini said: “The decision to join the HOME Italia club took place naturally. After years of acquaintance with Mr. Luca Valle, a person we particularly esteem, and several publications of our products within the magazine, we have now decided to make the leap forward. HOME Italia is distributed in different countries around the world, in particular it is well inserted in the Chinese market, and we think that it can be a valid tool to make us more known by professionals in the furniture and furnishing sector, such as buyers, architects and designers. We are very confident in developing a fruitful collaboration with HOME Italia for both parties”.