Already in 1998, Lyon started a general renewal project of La Confluence, a vast 150-hectare site located at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone rivers, one of the most vibrant areas in the heart of Lyon.

Although the project should be completed within 2018, the area has already been redesigned in a definite way, including residential buildings and interesting architecture, such as the Musée des Confluences characterized by a deconstructivist design created by the firm Coop Himmelb(l)au,Jakob + MacFarlane‘s Cube Orange and Cube Vert, characterized by vivid colours and ‘inverted’ façades, and Odille Decq‘s Dark Point. Part of the neighbourhood is dedicated to green spaces and part to residential buildings. As many as 30.000 people are expected to live and work in this ‘new Lyon’ by 2030!

Exteriors of MOB Hotel, designed by B+B Architects. You can catch a glimpse of the innovative Musée des Confluences in the background. Photos ©Aldo Parede.


The area also attracts a growing number of tourists, reason why the far-sighted hotel entrepreneur Cyril Aouizarate (former founder of the Mama Shelter chain together with Philippe Stark) has chosen to open the new MOB Hotel here. A design boutique hotel with 99 spacious rooms, housed in a rectangular building covered in a striking double ochre-coloured skin of metal. The MOB is more than just a standard hotel, but a larger project which is aimed at boosting the city life (and nightlife) of the neighborhood.

6-Mob_Hotel_Lyon-1-1024x683 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence
4-Mob_Hotel_Lyon-1-1024x683 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence
3-Mob_Hotel_Lyon-1-1024x683 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence
5-Mob_Hotel_Lyon-1-1024x683 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence

Interiors of MOB Hotel showing restaurant, Pop-up boutique and hotel rooms. Photos ©Aldo Parede.


Inside, a large 120-seat restaurant and an expansive rooftop have been designed. Unexpected spaces make this hotel a truly unique and innovative project. Furthermore, the building also features a typical food shop, a MOB merchandising pop-up boutique and a meditation room. Nearby, there is a space to play petanque (French bowls) and – during the summer – outdoor film screenings are organized.

Cattura-225 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence


fsdfsdf-1 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence

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Cattura-57 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence


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Cattura-157 Mob Hotel Lyon Confluence


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