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Tag: Suns Sails

Millenium® Celeb has all the makings of greatness: maximal dimensions of the single module measuring 500 x 685 cm, external lights on the front pillars and upper runners, internal lights on the frontal and side beams, the possibility of using wood finishes to create elegant surfaces, filtering and shading screens integrated frontally and designed specifically for the product, possibility of double shielding on the entire perimeter (simultaneous protection against inclement weather thanks to sliding glass doors and against solar rays thanks to vertical screens) and plexiglass gable are just some of the latest developments. The contemporary nature of the shapes and the great personality that have always characterised Millenium® remain unchanged.


The possibility of having shafts of warm white light on the pillars, on the runners or on the beams – as well as wooden inserts – make Celeb particularly appealing. For the more daring, the pillars can also be
customised in aluminium of various colours or with a chrome effect. Millenium® Celeb is available with 2 to 4 runners and only in the inclined version. Water tightness is guaranteed by the technical solutions already implemented on the other products of the Pergotenda® range, including the mobile gutter, an
exclusive Corradi patent.


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TWIN Category:  Storage Furniture & Tv StandsTag: Twin DESCRIPTION Brands: Metal frame in various finishes:– velvet black– brown corten– silver corten– rustyShelves available in:– bleached oak wood– brushed nickel– brushed copper Dimensions:602/K320x220 | L min...

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ALBA Categories: outdoor shading system   DESCRIPTION Alba is a bioclimatic pergola fitted with aluminum blades that can be oriented up to 150° using a wireless control to adjust light and ventilation. With a linear and evergreen design, Alba suits all...

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MOVE Categories:  Outdoor Shading System Tag: Pergotenda DESCRIPTION Move can be installed with different pillar slopes (+/-10°) thanks to two innovative hinges.The structure is equipped with speakers and LED lighting in the pillars, with dimmable RGB system to vary...

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SCIROCCO Categories: Outdoor Shading System Tag: Suns Sails DESCRIPTION Scirocco is a made to measure sail, able to shade surfaces up to 70 sm. The structure is equipped with a single triangle sail or a double in an irregular shape and does not require...