We are happy to say that another professional joins our club. Architect Massimiliano Camoletto chose to be part of HOME Italia.

Operating since 1992, the architect has several experiences behind him that led him, in 2016, to open his own studio based in Milan. At the center of his projects there is man and his psychophysical well-being, all works are carefully inserted in the context. Private residences, hospitality and public spaces are the fields of action of Camoletto who says: “Our goal is to ensure our customers a form of architecture that is tailored to fit their personality and provide an answer to their personal needs”.

Linear thinking is the basis of decisive, essential and functional architectural solutions, with a strong stylistic impact and no decorative excesses. Camoletto prefers natural, simple and essential materials and uses non-toxic substances in the interest and respect of health.

About HOME Italia Camoletto declares: «We had the pleasure of getting to know the reality of HOME Italia in more detail, thanks to an interesting meeting in Milan, who introduced us to the excellence of the company. As a design studio mainly working abroad in the residential and hospitality sectors, we easily identified with the collaborative format proposed. We are very confident in the synergy that can be created between our two realities, aimed at a common success».