When it comes to interior design, bright and airy spaces are usually more welcome than dark spaces. However, this doesn’t mean that dark colours can’t be successful. This lovely Ukrainian mini-flat is a great example of dark masculine interior.

Designed by YoDezeen Studio, the apartment is located in Kiev and covers an area of 87 sqm. It was transformed into a stylish bachelor home with a decor that’s simple and full of character.

Photos by Andrii Shurpenkov.

“Masculine decors tend to be uncomplicated and more focused on practicality and functionality. They’re usually defined by a restraint palette of colors and materials and by simple forms and overall minimalism. However, this doesn’t make them boring or unappealing in any way”, explained the designers at YoDezeen.

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All areas of the apartment (lounge, dining area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) have been arranged in such a way that every room can be viewed from any other room.

“The flat’s owner is used to keeping everything under control, that’s why we decided to use an open-space layout”, continued YoDezeen.

The space of the apartment is conventionally divided by glass partitions, and the zoning issues are partially solved by furniture arrangement.

The overall openness of the space is also ensured by the presence of large windows. The designers went with a combination of earthy colors and natural materials.

A textured wall in the sleeping area enriches the decor and makes it feel more masculine. The result is a simple but expressive interior design.

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Photos by Andrii Shurpenkov.

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