Listone Giordano – part of Gruppo Margaritelli is now part of HOME Italia club.

Wooden solutions for interior design – and especially wooden floors – represent the core business of Listone Giordano, a leading brand in the industry and always synonymous with technology and natural beauty. It established the concept of high-end parquet in the world through its three main collections, able to satisfy different segments of the market with a wide offer. Listone Giordano boasts a leading position in the wood flooring sector in Italy with a strong specialization in large projects.

Its entire production cycle takes place between the sawmill of Fontaines in Burgundy, a center specializing in the initial processing of certified oak – and the main European forestry basin of constant supply of raw material – and the production plants of Miralduolo in Umbria, where the final processing takes place (assembly, finishing, selection, up to storage, in a highly flexible robotic warehouse, which now manages the entire production). In these spaces of design and production, the evolved working processes, the continuous search for perfection and the constant control of quality levels, coexist with the craftsmanship acquired in over one hundred years of “wood culture”. 

Since 1995, the brand has undertaken an innovative commercial project inspired by franchising, which in a few years has led to the creation of over 500 stores in Italy and worldwide. Characterized by a strong coordinated image, they bet on advanced display systems for the presentation of products and a growing attention to the immersive experience with the help of new technologies.

Marco Scalseggi, Sales Director of Margaritelli underlines: “The meeting with HOME Italia originated at Listone Giordano Arena, a space dedicated to the culture of wood, a place for dialogue and relations in the heart of Milan. I noticed the vision shared by our two realities, committed to promoting values authentically linked to the Italian “know-how” on a global level. For this reason, Listone Giordano embraces with enthusiasm and conviction the collaboration with HOME Italia, certain to bring forward competence, beauty and innovation in every project that will see us involved”.