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Ultralight composite panel produced by coupling a core consisting of transparent Polycarbonate cylinders to external skins of Polycarbonate, PETG or acrylic in various finishes and multiple colors. The particular structure of this product product creates a partial transparency, variable in function of the viewing angle, while the external sheets coupled with the honeycomb to the honeycomb allow to modulate the light transmission of light in intensity and color. Thanks to these peculiar aesthetic characteristics combined with a remarkable lightness and rigidity Lightben™ is widely used in interior architecture and furniture. architecture and furniture. Lightben™ panel is easy to cut and can be finished with standard accessories such as profiles, frames, handles and hinges. It is also possible to edge it with the the same material used for the external skins.

LIGHTBEN. Lightben collection starting product, particularly suited for application with backlighted dividing walls and doors.

LIGHTBEN PLUS. Suitable for applications where fire certificates are required.

LIGHTBEN LARGE. Lightben with thickness 34 mm and cells with a diameter of 10 mm (standard size 7 mm), suggested for applications where visibility of the cells from a certain distance is required.

LIGHTBEN MINI. Lightben in the 9 to 11mm thickness thin version, particularly suited for cabinet doors, backlighted false ceilings and temporary décors.

LIGHTBEN CC PLUS. Lightben with colored core (poycarbonate cylinders) and external skins in PETG resin glossy or satin. Ideal for a very special “Lightben effect” when backlighted.

LIGHTBEN CC. Lightben with colored core (poycarbonate cylinders) and external skins in PMMA glossy or satin. Suitable for applications where fire certificates are required

LIGHTBEN KAOS 3D. Lightben with translucent core with cells in two diameters, 4, 7 and 12mm and external skins in various colors. Available fire certificate.

LIGHTBEN KAOS 3D WHITE / BLACK. Lightben with white / black core and cells in three different diameters (4-7-12 mm). Incredible light effects when backlighted, same applications as the Lightben (especially dividing walls and doors). Available fire certificate

LIGHTBEN ACOUSTIC. Lightben with micro perforated external skins which allow a considerable acoustic absorption. Ideal for applications in public spaces and offices where the acoustic issue is key. Available fire certificate.




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