Law Firm in San Marino

By: Venturi Studio Architetti
LF00-1 Venturi Studio

The project was created to meet the need to expand the office. Initially, the study did not show a particular area intended to accommodate customers, so in order to give a strong identity to the project, we have designed a big entrance hall which has become the main feature of the study: a vision towards a new way of thinking the consulting world of advocacy.

LF01-1-1024x682 Venturi Studio
LF02-1-1024x682 Venturi Studio

All the doors were made flush with the wall, in order to ensure a better and cleaner reading of the spaces.
All the interiors were mainly constructed with plasterboard and metal, to give a sense of cleanliness and order to those who approach the spaces.

Cattura-139 Venturi Studio
LF04-1-1024x717 Venturi Studio
venturilogo-1-300x94 Venturi Studio
Cattura-4 Venturi Studio


Architectural Bureau Tatiana Mironova After years of activity, architect Tatiana Mironova has developed her own recognizable style, which is best expressed in this interior design project. Tatiana Mironova, the author of the project says: “When designing for my...

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Cattura-252 Venturi Studio

Materic Red

MATERIC RED HOUSE IN SAN LEO, RIMINI AREA (2003)by Andrea Lenzi Architettophotos: Fabrizio Bergamofurniture: B&B Italia Through the large windows that characterize the structure, you can enjoy a fantastic view: the Republic of San Marino, Verucchio, Torriana, San...

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ALVIN GRASSI DESIGN STUDIO MY DESIGN DOES NOT SEEK FOLLOWERS, IT SEEKS LOVERS Born in Cesena, he graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence. His background lies in parallel worlds such as fashion, public relations, fine arts. An “Enlightened...

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