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HOME Italia for Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar is one of the architects we selected for the second issue of HOME Italia USA. He founded studioHAUS & KOY with the vision to bring the ingenuity of Indian craftsmanship to the international arena. StudioHAUS is an award-winning architectural, interior, and product design studio based in Pune, India. The brand celebrates the craftsmanship of the country by blending traditional and contemporary aesthetics under the guidance of the designer Kunaal Kyhaan. The brand’s portfolio includes a wide range of residential townships, private villas, retail stores, exhibition showcases, commercial and hospitality projects. KOY is a contemporary Indian home and lifestyle brand, KOY offers a wide range of products ranging from handcrafted furniture, art objects, decorative lighting, and handwoven fabrics. Extending his latest collections to a larger variety of materials, the designer has been exploring sustainable alternatives for the coming years, combined with biomorphic forms.

Kunaal’s  aesthetic is an exuberant but still rigorous and coherent melting pot of cultures and languages, in between modernity and exoticism, or in-between urban rhythms and thousand-year traditions, in a fascinating dialogue that compares Indian identity and expressive codes of global architecture and design.

This is the thought of the architect about HOME Italia: “The brands’ work is driven by my curiosity to explore materials and diverse artistic styles absorbed by me during my travels.  As a designer aimed to bring forth the hidden jewels of our Indian sub-continent, I travel extensively the lengths and breadths of the country in search of unique materiality and folk art and crafts lost in time. Home Italia Club is thus a perfect platform to collaborate with creative brands and designers, guiding me further into my vision of putting contemporary Indian design on the global landscape.”