In 2005, Hangzhou Xingjian Architectural Space Design Co., Ltd., a personal design brand, was established. The company adheres to the design idea of continuous exploration and innovation, and has been maintaining a forward process. Walking in the space, we should not only focus on history, but also live in the present, and pay attention to more current things, because this is closely related to our life. We are modern people, live in the modern society, and as contemporary designers, we should combine the living methods of contemporary life It integrates its own design language to interpret the artistic lifestyle.

Don’t need to insist on something too much! You need to break the shackles of style and traditional thinking, and your ideas will be broader. Traditional things are accumulated from the experience of countless predecessors, and what we want to say is how to face the future based on tradition, which is the most important thing.

The design scope mainly involves in the interior space design of large urban residential buildings and the interior and exterior architectural space design of small and medium-sized hotels. By 2021, the company’s business scope will be expanded to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hainan, Taipei and other provinces and municipalities. During the period, he also won various domestic and international interior space design awards and personal honorary awards.

Project: Genshan mansion, Hangzhou



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