IVAN PRETI Welcome to HOME Italia

We are thrilled to announce that the artist Ivan Preti joined HOME Italia. Born in Monza (north of Itali) in 1994, the young and talented painter started his training at the Liceo Artistico Preziosissimo Sangue in Monza. Later, with different professional experiences, he investigated the areas of architecture and design, and then turn to painting, to which Ivan is now working in his studio in Lissone, where he currently lives and works.

“I have a solid background in classical painting starting from the 16th century, both Italian and foreign”, says Preti. “For me, Tiziano, Caravaggio, Guercino are good examples in Italy, and abroad I admore all the minor Flemish painters up to the greatest ones such as Rembrandt and Vermeer. Of the most recent era, I am fascinated by the Macchiaioli and Pre-Raphaelites. In general, I can say that I recognize beauty and find inspiration in all the most disparate artistic currents, including all the avant-garde movements of the 20th century and informal art. For my abstract painting, however, I did not take my cue directly from contemporary painting, but I feel that I have developed my own way of expression”.

Fascinated by light, color, matter, the subtle thicknesses that animate the surface, Ivan resolves his research in an expressive language that combines thought and gesture, combining the different pictorial elements in an original lexicon, calibrated, exciting. In October 2019 he exhibited, ranking fourth, at the XV Edition of the Byron Prize in Terni and was present with some works at the Affordable Art Fair (Milan) in February 2020.

When asked why he choses to join the HOME Italia circuit, Ivan cleverly answers this way: “I understood that it was more than a simple means to sell my paintings, but a really important reality where my paintings could acquire more prestige in the ‘Interior world, and where they could be directed to specific and passionate people in this sector, where I’m focused on now”.