We met Ivan Preti, artist born in Monza (north of Itali) in 1994. We talked with him about his inspirations and dreams, this is the first part of the interview.

Who are your buyers? Where can your work be found?

«My clients are people who have a particular sensibility and passion for art or their home, who want a custom-made painting. My work can almost all be found in private homes».

What is the relationship between interior design and art?

«When I was in school I thought that art was pure and could not be mixed with anything else, I was convinced it was just “museum stuff”. Now I think that interior design is the art with which anyone can transform their home into a gallery. Don’t overdo it however!».

What are the projects/realizations of which you are most proud and why?

«I am satisfied with my Walls, which are more decorative than artistic works. I like that they can be made in any size, cut, pose, and color possible».

What are the Walls?

«Walls are very lightweight yet durable hand-painted tiles applied to the wall as if they were a mosaic or wallpaper. They were born during the first lockdown of 2020 and were first tested for my home. They are very versatile, you can cut them into any shape, to go around a switch, to line a portion of the wall that ends at an acute angle, etc. The hues are endless and these tiles are a transposition of my abstract style into pure decoration».

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

«I would like to better catalog my offerings in style soon, especially to facilitate commissioned work. I still need to experiment in order to have a larger catalog and to bring order to my production. In the future, I would like to push myself in a direction that makes me more and more recognizable, but without creating in series or being too repetitive. I want to achieve a perfect balance».