We met Ivan Preti, artist born in Monza (north of Itali) in 1994. We talked with him about his inspirations and dreams, this is the first part of the interview.

How did you approach the world of art, what are your sources of inspiration and who are your Masters?

«I approached the world of art since I was a child and inside me I knew that I had to take this path, also because my paternal grandfather was a very good painter. I trained pursuing this dream: the artistic high school with the Preziosine Sisters, the course of scenography at the Brera Academy without, however, completing the course of studies, I worked as a freehand designer for almost five years at the studio of the architect Arrigo Baj, I practiced sculpture for four years with Master Martin Gerulli, I attended a few years of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. These experiences and curiosity helped me to define my personal style».

How would you define your style and what do you wish to communicate with your works?

«My personal style is abstract, but I start from a solid knowledge of classical and figurative art. This allows me to play with shapes and colors in order to obtain a work that is well balanced from a compositional point of view; even those who are not very familiar with abstract art should, and I hope they are, feel quite familiar with one of my works by perceiving its harmony. The subject of my paintings are forms in evolution and represent, if you really want to see something, births of organisms or entire universes depending on whether you want to think of a microcosm or a macrocosm. After all, this aspect of birth, this floating in a sort of “primordial sea” is part of the history of all of us, regardless of what everyone believes: the atoms that compose us have had very distant origins up to that point in which macrocosm and microcosm were the same thing. Art transcends and reproduces the same mechanism of creation and, inexplicably, enchants us»

Is there a difference between the works you create spontaneously and those you create on commission?

«In those that I create spontaneously, I take on the role of a careful composer of shapes and colors, the combinations must be perfect and the balances of forms pure, and all this according to inner rules that only I know. For commissions I simply apply the techniques I know to the best of my ability, to achieve what has been requested. The level of passion and commitment is the same, because in the end the goal is always to communicate, the emotional result must be the same».